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‘'The Awakening’ is an on- going youth focused civic enlightenment program aimed at reducing the political apathy of young people in the South East.
Orphaned and Vunerable Chulidren (OVC) Project is a 4GATES Program which is a global action towards HIV Epidemic control in sub-national units in Nigeria.
This initiative taps into existing community based women groups to identify women willing to ‘stand in the gap’ for women facing abuse
Radio School is an educational radio programme that delivers quality education to students in 4 core subjects (English, Mathematics, Civic Education and Basic Science).
This project involved building the capacity of teachers, SBMCs and Parents, Teachers Associations (PTAs) on effective modern teaching (participatory methods) and best management strategies respectively.
SSDO has been conducting several assessments in a bid to better understand the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) burden of Nigeria and provide ways to alleviate it.
The Global Fund Community Drug Resistant-Tuberculusis (DR-TB) project is being implemented by Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) in 36 states and FCT.
This project advocate for a favourable policy environment for health service delivery for women and children
The overall objective of this project is to make the budgeting process more transparent and inclusive
This project was aimed at encouraging communities and government to support school development while giving the community a voice in the improvement of education.'s%20Well
This project aims at improving the quality of life for women in communities in Enugu State. (Nsukka, Eke, Isiuzo, Uzowani, Umode, Agboga and Ezeagu LGA)
This project was aimed at providing training to 100 physically disabled women and men, in the repair and maintenance of Mobile phones.
This project is designed with the goal of identifing presumptive COVID-19 hotspots and facilitating targeted community active case finding