Our goal is to protect women and children's health by providing HIV/AIDS, TB, Health and Nutrition education.

The oVC Project

Orphans and vulnerable children

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project is a 4GATES Program which is a global action towards HIV Epidemic control in sub-national units in Nigeria.

The FMP Project

Families Matter Program

The program is designed to help parents overcome common parent-child communication barriers – such as embarrassment or discomfort and lack of knowledge, skills and confidence – and to enhance parenting skills and practices, including parental monitoring, positive reinforcement and building a strong parent-child relationship.

The DR-TB Project

Global fund community drug resistant- tuberculosis

The Global Fund Community Drug Resistant-Tuberculosis (DR-TB) project is being implemented by Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) in 36 states and FCT.

The TSTS Project

Task shifting and task sharing

This project was focused on advocating for a favorable policy environment for health service delivery for women and children in Anambra and Enugu State



This project is designed with the goal of identifying presumptive COVID-19 hots-pots and facilitating targeted community active case finding.