Global fund community drug resistant-Tuberculosis

Supporting tuberculosis patients on their journey to recovery


Nigeria ranks high among the 30 high-burden countries for Tuberculosis and has a low detection rate. It is estimated that there are 460,000 new cases and around 245,000 deaths occur annually. If not treated effectively, Tuberculosis can prove deadly as it can affect the brain, spine, and kidney.

Understanding this crisis, South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with Association for Reproductive & Family Health-ARFH and the Enugu State Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Unit, is playing its part through The Global Fund Community Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (DR-TB) project in reducing this epidemic in Enugu state.

Project objectives

The project supports DR-TB patients on their road to recovery. As well as ensures beneficiaries adhere to treatment and don’t miss the Out of Patient Department (OPD) clinic.

Main Activities include

Household visits to beneficiaries to ensure treatment adherence

On-site training for treatment supporters.

Provision of transport support for drug pick up.

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