SSDO, WaterAid Organizes Radio Sensitization Program on the Effects of Open Defecation

South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with WaterAid Nigeria, organized a radio sensitization and advocacy engagement. The one-hour radio show with the topic, ‘Effects of Open Defecation on Community Health’, awakened the populace to the health implications of open defecation.

The guests on the show were – Head of Programs SSDO, Udochukwu Egwim, Small Town Unit – Ministry of Water Resources (Sanitation officer), Mr. Emmanuel Obuna, State Epidemiologist-Ministry of Health, Dr. Chinyere Ezeudu, NEWSAN Coordinator, Mrs. Enwelum Ogechukwu, Hygiene officer-GHARF, Mrs Christiana Nnaji.

They all critically analyzed and discussed the topic extensively, highlighting how open defecation can affect water sources and cause cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. This radio sensitization served as an avenue to enlighten the public on the need for decent sanitation facilities and encourage the government to build more public toilet facilities.

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