SSDO, WaterAid Organizes a Radio Sensitization Program on Proper Waste Management

South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with WaterAid Nigeria, organized a radio sensitization and advocacy engagement. The one-hour radio show with the topic, ‘Poor Solid Waste Management and Responsibilities of Individuals, Communities and Service Providers in Enugu State’, awakened the populace to the benefits of proper waste management. 

The guests on the show were – Head of Programs SSDO, Udochukwu Egwim, Small Town Unit – Ministry of Water Resources (Sanitation officer), Mr. Emmanuel Obuna, NEWSAN Coordinator, Mrs. Enwelum Ogechukwu, and SSDO Wash program Officer, Obianuju Ezeike. 

They all critically analyzed and discussed the topic extensively, highlighting the negative impacts of poor solid waste management on the environment and public health. The team also dissected the effect poor waste disposal has on water bodies. Highlighting how Lassa fever could easily be transmitted through rats that feed off the waste and come in contact with humans. 

This radio sensitization served as an avenue to enlighten the public on the need to sort their wastes into recyclable and disposable wastes. Also, the public was encouraged to avoid indiscriminate dumping and burning of refuse. They also encouraged the government to invest in proper waste infrastructure and implement bye-laws to ensure compliance with proper waste disposal methods. 

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