SSDO, WaterAid Nigeria Unveils WASH Harmonization Plan

The success of any project is hinged on the ability of the stakeholders to liaise effectively to deliver cross-cutting solutions that will ultimately improve the lives of beneficiaries.

Understanding the importance of partnership to the growth of the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector in Enugu state, South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with WaterAid Nigeria, organized a WASH sector stakeholder engagement in collaboration with the Society for Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN) Enugu State chapter, and Small Town Unit (STU) –Ministry of Water Resources.

The meeting’s objective was to remove sectional barriers in WASH-related interventions across the state and to harmonize and improve the dissemination of WASH activities across partners. Participants at the event include civil society organizations, government agencies, and media agencies.

The key outcome of the event was the development and endorsement of the group’s action plans which centered on the following:

Going forward, the group hopes to conduct advocacy visits to the incoming government and improve its joint efforts to consolidate progress in the WASH sector. Ultimately improving access to water and sanitation facilities in the state.

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