Empowering the Child Through Child Sponsorship Mechanism

Research shows that over 90 million Nigerians live below the poverty line. A good percentage live in rural and marginalized communities. These communities are characterized by poor access to healthcare and education, lack of infrastructure, and low-income level. This affects their standard of living and quality of life, of which kids are the biggest victims.

Understanding this reality, South Saharan Social Development Organization, in partnership with ActionAid Nigeria through the Local Rights Programme, is doing its part to improve education in marginalized communities.

The program aims to reduce poverty by increasing its engagement with the poor and marginalized in selected communities through its Child Sponsorship mechanisms. The child sponsorship initiative identifies vulnerable children aged 3 to 8 years and attaches them to sponsors.

Over the past collection period, the team collected 403 child messages across eight communities (Ihenyi, Amagu, Ameke, Oduma Achara, Abor Isiala, Orokoro, Igga, Nkume). Our motivation is to see the children and the communities at large be all that they can be.

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