The beauty of any initiative is the ability to identify new opportunities that align with its objective to increase impact opportunities. This we constantly strive to do by leveraging avenues to improve socioeconomic and human rights benefits for our project beneficiaries. 

To this end, South Saharan Social Development Organization, SSDO, is expanding the Sister Guardian Initiative, SGI, to SGI-Plus. This new initiative will pursue additional rights issues affecting women at the community level, as we understand that for behavioral change to be effective it must be holistic. The Sister Guardians at the community level will identify, prioritize, and advocate to public and private partners for resolution.

While not neglecting the importance of a livelihood component from which women draw income to pursue their social transformative interventions, the SGI-Plus will introduce the Village Savings and Loans Association, VSLA, component to achieve this aim. The SGI-Plus will kickstart in nine communities in Enugu state and will scale up from there.

On the 12th of December, SSDO organized a workshop to unveil and introduce SGI-Plus to the Sister Guardian executives and communities. The workshop was an avenue for the SGI executives to give a progress report. They were tasked to identify three most pressing problems in their communities that will be tackled going forward. This participatory measure will guarantee a human rights-based approach and form the crux of issues that will be addressed.

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