Income generation1

Income generation for people living with disabilities

Providing training for 100 disabled people in the repair of mobile phones


With the generous support of Oxfam Novib, SSDO is thrilled to embark on a project aimed at providing training to 100 physically disabled women and men, in the repair and maintenance of Mobile phones. In addition to the training, the project beneficiaries will be given seed funds to start mobile phone repair businesses.

Income generation for people living with disbilities

According to statistics of United Nations, over 20 million Nigerians are Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Of this number over 70% are without gainful employment according to the Federal Office of Statistics, Nigeria. The international and local civil society organizations assess that people with disabilities are mainly stuck in squalor and face inequalities in access to education, healthcare, employment and social and community participation.

In Nigeria, more than 80 percent of people with disabilities live in low and middle income parts of the society. Many make a living from begging on the streets or support from family members. Many of the problems which PWDs face can be addressed through employment and income generation. Unfortunately, in Nigeria the employability of PWDs as well as their ability to generate income is very low due to their poor skills set especially computer skills.