WaterAid, SSDO, NEWSAN, Organizes Election Campaign Press Conference

Enugu’s topography over the years has posited a water scarcity that has lasted for over two decades. Research shows that half of the state’s residents lack basic water services. And in 2020, the state declared a state of emergency in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector and inaugurated an 18-man committee to revamp the sector, but yet the WASH challenges in the state persist.

Understanding these challenges, WaterAid Nigeria, in partnership with South Saharan Social Development Organization and The Society for Water and Sanitation (NEWSAN) Enugu, organized an Electoral Campaign press conference to achieve the following:

  • Sensitize the public on the importance of WASH prioritization.
  • Garner the commitment of gubernatorial aspirants to prioritize access to efficient and equitable WASH services in the state.
  • Engage the media as pressure groups to sustain the campaign for WASH in the state.

The Enugu State Coordinator of NEWSAN read a press statement, and the coalition entertained questions from the press. Issues raised were also addressed.

The key asks by the coalition from the conference were:

  • Citizens should hold their representatives accountable for equitable and affordable WASH services.
  • Elected officials should prioritize access to efficient and equitable WASH services in their blueprint for governance.
  • Elected officials should ensure that WASH facilities are constructed and managed with sustainability.
  • The press should be advocates of WASH and, through their programs, query elected officials on WASH issues in the state.

The lack of access to water increases open defecation in communities. This pollutes the environment, contaminates water sources, and exposes the community to infectious diseases. If the WASH situation of the state is to change, then it is paramount that all residents of the state have access to potable water and sanitary facilities. Hence, the need to engage the government to improve WASH through policy and infrastructure.

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