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Violence against women is not only the most widespread example of a human rights violation, but probably the biggest crime going largely unpunished. This is shown by the reports published and research conducted by the United Nations, International human rights agencies and the global women’s and feminist movements which have been denouncing this situation for decades.
It takes many forms, from domestic abuse to rape, sexual abuse and harmful cultural practices ranging from genital mutilation and honor-crimes to premature marriage. In the context of wars, in which most of the refugees and displaced population are women and children, women are raped, kidnapped, mutilated and used as sex slave; the systematic rape of women and girls has been used as a weapon in numerous armed conflicts.

Speaking out against women’s right abuse is something that women’s rights organizations, including South Saharan, do every day. From lobbying governments to improve laws and services to working with communities to change discriminatory attitudes and behaviors. We will keep this conversation going and our message is that women have rights too therefore should be treated with mutual and equal respect and not as objects of desire.

Our role this year was more intensifying than the previous one. The walk started from the Agric bank junction Independence Layout Enugu enroute the Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS) zonal headquarters with placards held high and banners flying. After a brief interview with the Executive Director and Program Officer, we proceeded further down to Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for another exclusive interview.

The procession headed to Kenyatta, Endidurgh road and did a happy dance across the heart of Enugu, Ogui road. Our last stop was Artisan market where onlookers were sensitized on our mission to stop violence against women by sharing flyers and quick tips on being part of the movement. Violence against women is a global problem and it requires global action. Days like these and calls for action like the 16 days of Activism are crucial because they beam a spotlight on women’s Right.

This creates public awareness about what needs to change to prevent violence from happening in the first place at home, local, national, regional and International levels. We must continue to speak up.