Jacob's Well

helping women achieve financial independence to reduce poverty

Jacob's well

Women’s poverty lies at the heart of their marginalization and oppression. For women to become active citizens and have their rights respected and needs met, their economic empowerment needs to be guaranteed. SSDO initiated The Jacob’s well project in 2016, to provide micro-credit to female-owned small businesses, in a bid to help women achieve financial independence, encourage financial inclusion and reduce poverty. Loans are given to empower the woman who must be members of a duly registered cooperative.

Project outcome






Loan Given

Project activity

Verification visits

The Sister Guardian Initiative conducts various capacity building sessions. The women are being exposed to the knowledge on women’s right and the law, their role in politics, how they can generate income and also maintaining good mental and physical health.


The Sister Guardian women in all communities observe monthly meetings to discuss their achievements, challenges and way forward. They also entertain fresh domestic violence cases on such days from complainants.

Loan Disbursement

The Sister Guardian Women often embark on community advocacy to promote the cessation of Gender Based Violence in their communities.

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Some of the Moments

Several women were financially empowered to help them start small businesses