Jacob's Well

helping women achieve financial independence to reduce poverty

Jacob's Well

Jacob’s Well is a Micro Credit Scheme powered by social trust and targeted at women.  

The scheme was introduced as an add on service to the Sister Guardian Initiative (SGI) because it has been proven that women’s poverty lies at the heart of their marginalization and oppression. 

This initiative provides micro-credit facilities to victims of VAW or women at risk of VAW within communities with functional SGI chapters. 

Micro-credits and financial literacy trainings are offered to female-owned small businesses, to help achieve financial independence, encourage financial inclusion and reduce poverty.

Loans are administered through women economic collectives (WEC).

Project Objective

This project aims at improving the quality of life for women in communities in Enugu State and Anambra State. (Amakwu Affa, Ogor Affa, Ikono Affa, Nsukka, Eke, Isiuzo, Adani, Umode, Onuogba, Ezeagu, Enugu East, Enugu North, Omor and Igbakwu). The soft loan project commenced in 2016 with the objective to economically empower women to gain financial independence and reduce their suffering, over dependency and poverty.


Project outcome






Loan Given

Loan Disbursement

Some of the Moments

Several women were financially empowered to help them start small businesses 

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