zero election violence

Taking Voter Sensitization to the rural communities


Nigeria’s political history is replete with narratives and instances of electoral violence. In less than a year, violence has spiked across the country’s six (6) geopolitical zones. As the 2023 election cycle draws near, the prospects of a violent contest loom, especially in the face of a battle for survival between the major political parties. Electoral seasons more than anytime else, reveals the fragility and soft underbelly of the Nigerian state.

Understanding that elections are pivotal to the growth and development of the country and how election violence has deprived many people of a fair chance of exercising their franchise, South Saharan Social Development Organization, SSDO, launched the #ZeroElectionViolence campaign.

Project objectives

  •  Convey the #ZeroElectionViolence message through an innovative symbol and other creative channels.
  •  Secure the commitment of election stakeholders to non-violent campaigns and peaceful conduct of elections

Main Activities include

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