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Violence against women continues to occur at an alarming scale in every country of the world. Too often it is accepted as normal behavior and the global culture of discrimination against women allows violence to occur with impunity.

The training was aimed at building partnership between Sister Guardians and the community police in ending domestic violence in the communities, Also to seek the support of the community leaders to provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence and educate the participants on crime prevention strategies and security tips.

Speaking out against women’s rights abuses is something that women’s rights organizations, including South Saharan, do every day. From lobbying governments to improve laws and services to working with communities to change discriminatory attitudes and behaviors. Organizations and individuals are working round the clock to respond to and prevent violence against women.

South Saharan’s support involve introducing safe spaces for women in distress, counseling units, mediation with the concerned husbands and timely referrals to the Police where violence occur. We can put an end to violence against women when we speak against it and empower women on their rights

The Sister Guardians Initiative and community police training is aimed at addressing domestic violence at the community level, where women respond to women facing domestic violence in their community.

In addition the training will help the community police and the Sister Guardians interact better in addressing cases of domestic violence.

The program officer of Sister Guardians Initiative Chinasa Edeh made the introduction of Police representatives and participants from the 5 South East states. The objective of the project was to enlighten the representatives of Sister Guardians in various communities on how to work with the police to save women from violence of all kinds.

The Executive Director, Grace Nwobodo, explained in her speech that the program was aimed at building a viable and enduring partnership between the Sister Guardians and the Police in ending domestic violence meted on women especially in the rural areas. She also made it known that an estimated one out of every four women face violence at some point in their lives of which if not carefully addressed may lead to fatal injury or death.

“In order to salvage these situations the Sister Guardians that are selected from all the communities must be people who are ready to stand in the gap through providing immediate support to victims of domestic violence”, she said.