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Good governance is, among other things, participatory, transparent and accountable. It is also effective and equitable and promotes the rule of law. Good governance ensures that political, social and economic priorities are based on broad consensus in society and that the voices of the poorest and the most vulnerable are heard in decision-making over the allocation of resources.

We are passionate about empowering youths to get involved in governance by holding government accountable. The youths need to be fully integrated into the 3 aspects of governance and be given the opportunity to get involved.

Political governance is the process of decision-making to formulate policy.

Economic governance includes decision-making processes that affect a country’s economic activities and its relationships with other economies. It clearly has major implications for equity, poverty and quality of life

Administrative governance is the system of policy implementation. Encompassing all three, good governance defines the processes and structures that guide political and socio-economic relationships.