Income Generation for People Living with Disabilities

With the generous support of Oxfam Novib, SSDO is thrilled to embark on a project aimed at providing training to 100 physically disabled women and men, in the repair and maintenance of Mobile phones.

Jacob’s Well

This project aims at improving the quality of life for women in communities in Enugu State. (Nsukka, Eke, Isiuzo, Uzowani, Umode, Agboga and Ezeagu LGA). The soft loan project commenced in 2016 with the objective to economically empower women to gain financial independence and reduce their suffering, over dependency and poverty.

Anambra Afforestation Project

The Anambra Afforestation Project is a tree planting program funded by NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation) aimed at development and conservation of forests to aid erosion control, carbon sink, research purposes, ecotourism services, job creation for locals etc.

Plastic to Bricks

SSDO is in partnership with NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation) with the aim of creating conservation clubs in secondary schools for plastic recycling orientation. SSDO is leveraging on its relationship to the Enugu State Ministry of Environment and the Enugu State Waste Management Authority (ESWAMA) for waste separation advocacy.