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TVET Mini-Conference 2020

The TVET Mini-Conference sponsored by Development Research and Projects Center (DRPC) and Ford foundation is aimed at bridging the skills gap in the Formal and Informal TVET sector with a keen focus on artisans, technicians, and students. The conference featured panel sessions from industry experts, stakeholders, with principals and students as guests. It highlighted the importance of the merger of the two sectors, the required practical experience needed by students as well as the requisite certifications and theoretical knowledge on the part of the artisans. It also created an avenue for interfacing and interaction between industry experts, artisans, and technicians. The end goal being to build a more skilled workforce.


Activity Objectives

  • To provide a platform where formal and informal TVET artisans to share experiences and learn from each other.
  • To introduce them to industry players who will give them insight and career guidance and employment after training.
  • To engage with stakeholders and donors on how best to leverage both sides of TVET to meet the demands of the labor market.

activity Photos

Some of the Moments

The Panelists and Participants discussed several issues concerning TVET.