The Awakening: Making Youth Voices Count

‘‘The Awakening,’ is an on- going youth focused civic enlightenment program aimed at reducing the political apathy of young people in the South East. The main objective of the project is to consolidate Nigeria’s democracy and political governance through greater citizen’s awareness and engagement on governance issues, improved voter education and guidance, representation of women in the political space and service delivery.  The project provides a forum for radio and social media discussions to positively provoke young people in the South East into action and it is the first of its kind in the region.

The  programme comes on air every Friday by 4:30pm – 5:30pm on Radio Nigeria network station (which covers the whole 5 southeast states).

The radio broadcast has continued to analyse topical, trending and relevant issues on governance and voter education, thereby helping youth to enhance their knowledge in electoral processes. The broadcast featured Awakened Youth who were vying for some political offices, giving the citizenry the opportunity to question their mandate. Also, topics like voting the right candidate, void votes, and the relevance of election manifestoes were discussed

Through the Awakening,  Listenership clubs were formed in the 5 states of the South East. The club is a platform which provides an opportunity for young people to physically interface and raise issues of concern about governance in their states while seeking for solutions. It also serves as an avenue for them  to get more involved in the Awakening project by listening to the program and making contributions to boost youth voices in governance. Thereafter, members of the club are projected into the general environment as change agents to influence and enlighten others in their constituencies on good governance.