Improve Learning Outcomes in Primary Schools

Through our flagship education project ‘Radio School’, that provides curriculum aligned classes for junior secondary schools in Nigeria through the radio, we learnt that many school children do not have good quality education foundation in primary schools to enable them move to secondary school. This has affected their learning outcome in secondary schools. We also learnt that teachers rarely go on in-service trainings and this has hindered them from meeting up with the recent trends in teaching. Also, a 2016 Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN) monitoring report indicated that only 12 of teachers in public schools practice participatory teaching methods. This corroborates a baseline survey recently conducted in Enugu State by SSDO under the Radio School project, indicating that 89 teachers in public schools in the state do not engage in participatory teaching methods.

This study conducted by ESSPIN shows that only about 80 of teachers in Enugu State have a good knowledge of their subject however only 20 of the teachers have the skills to transfer this knowledge to their pupils. This shows a need for the re-training of teachers in public schools on best strategies for students’ engagement in classroom. Furthermore, a survey conducted by SSDO to evaluate the performance of the SBMCs and PTAs in the schools showed that 93 of the 625 SBMCs established are no longer functional. This has been attributed to lack of training and mentoring of the SBMCs on their roles and responsibilities and has resulted in poor school management in these schools.

It is in this context, that South Saharan Development Organization (SSDO) is building the capacity of teachers, SBMCs and Parents, Teachers Associations (PTAs) on effective modern teaching (participatory methods) and best management strategies respectively as a next step towards the goal of enhancing quality education. This guarantees improved teaching strategies and better learning environment for school pupils which will ultimately lead to an enhanced quality of education. This project is funded by TY Danjuma Foundation and will be implemented in one year in the following local government areas – Aninri, Awgu, Enugu North, Enugu South, Igbo-Etiti, Nsukka.