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Radio School

National Grammar School 
Nike Enugu State

Radio School Feature is a monthly feature that tells an impact story of how schools in Enugu and Adamawa states are benefitting from this project. This month’s edition shows testimonials from students of National Grammar School, Nike Enugu State.

"I didn't know about my rights as a child. But through Radio School. I got to know my rights and also that I can report anyone who violates them without being afraid" - Joseph.

National Grammar School Nike is situated in Enugu East Local Government Area, Enugu State. Popularly known as Nike Grammar School,


It is one of the schools that have shown full commitment towards ensuring that teachers and students participate effectively in Radio School. The Radio School team visited the school and couldn’t help but notice the flow of commitment from the school principal, the teachers and students towards Radio School. Students and teachers in both states when interviewed by the Radio School team were eager to share how they are benefitting from the project.