Our Organizational Goals

Education is the single most essential instrument for the empowerment of people. With education people can understand the issues that affect their lives and act on it, protect their rights and engage with government to advance their lives. The education of girls and boys is therefore important for the development of Nigeria we want to see

  • Research to enrich education standards programmes for children and youth
  • Scholarships for poor and vulnerable children
  • Teen Clubs in Schools
  • Teacher Training
  • Advocacy for the improvement of education
  • Monitoring and evaluating government education programmes

Nigeria’s citizens understand the budget process and can use it to engage meaningfully with government for service delivery
Nigeria’s democracy can only be sustained when the citizens understand the democratic process and how to use it to protect their rights and demand services from elected officials. The best way to do this is to ensure citizens’ participation in the budget process as the budget is the major tool through which government meets the needs of the people. Citizens therefore need to ensure that their real needs are taken into consideration in the design and implementation of the budget for any meaningful development to take place

  • Civic education
  • Training on participatory budgeting
  • Research into the budget process
  • Budget monitoring