The theme for United Nation’s International Women’s Day was “Women in the changing world of work- #beboldforchange.” The theme was intended to address all forms of discrimination against women in the work place. Madam Agbo’s story isn’t one of a kind but we are glad to see her happily inspiring other women to be bold for change and excel in their choosen careers

Q: Hello madam, can we get to know you?

A: Yes, thank you. My name is Mrs. Tina Agbo or simply madam Agbo as I am often called. I am happily married with 6 children. I hail from Isi Uzo LGA of Enugu state. 

Q: We can see that you are a keke driver. Is this your main source of livelihood?

A: No it is not. I have been a keke driver since 2015 but I am also a civil servant. I work with Ministry of Health, Nursing department. I work till 4pm every weekday after which I continue the keke business till 7pm then close for the day. I also work on weekends as well.

Q: You mentioned some delay in salary payment. Does this second job help sustain your family? 

A: Yes it does. I go home on weekdays with at least ₦3,000 daily and up to ₦8,000 on Saturdays. I rest and enjoy full family time on Sundays.

Q: Will you choose another business if you could?

A: I don’t think I will. I love driving and earning as doing what I love brings fulfillment for me. I am happy that I can save money and hopefully get another keke which I can start a hire purchase business with so other women can lease it for transport business too. I wish to train other women who are willing to learn. I have some women approach me already and they are excited. I’m glad they are thinking out the box about the profession.

Q: What advice do you have for women this beautiful month of March that has been dedicated to celebrating women?

A: I am a happy wife, mother and business owner because I believed in myself and I went for what I believed in. I didn’t let the discouraging comments or discrimination affect me. I advise all women to empower themselves. Take a stand to be the best they can be always with pride because they are beautiful and because they can.

Thank you for your time Madam Agbo, I’m sure you will  keep inspiring many with your experience.