Expression of Interest (EOI): Southeast Awakening CSOs Coalition

South Saharan Social Development Organization (SSDO) is a duly registered non-profit organization in Nigeria, with a primary focus on equipping women youth, and children with the social, health, economic, educational, and political skills needed to survive and compete favorably in a vastly changing and urbanizing sub-Saharan Africa.

SSDO is accepting expressions of interest from youth-led and youth-focused CSOs in the Southeast to form an Awakening coalition. Organizations who have successfully executed projects in the governance space are encouraged to apply, particularly those with verifiable evidence of engaging youth within any of the following institutions/groups:

1. Tertiary Educational Youth Groups/Institutions

2. Faith-Based Youth groups/Institutions

3. Traditional Youth group/Institutions

The Awakening is a youth-focused civic enlightenment program aimed at enlightening young people in the South East on good governance, democratic principles, civic participation, and active citizenship in order to awaken them to their civic responsibility and provoke them into demanding full representation, involvement, and active participation in decision making and governance. Since 2015, the program has engaged youth mainly through the Awakening radio hour on youth-centered radio stations (Dream FM Enugu, Flo FM Umuahia, and Radio Nigeria southeast zonal station) and youth clubs on good governance, civic engagement, and civic education across southeast Nigeria.


  • CSOs must be based in the South East.
  • Must be youth-led and youth-focused.
  • Must be duly registered with CAC
  • Have a physical office location in southeast Nigeria.
  • Must have worked with either of the following: Tertiary Educational Youth Groups/Institutions, Faith-Based Youth groups/Institutions, Traditional Youth group/Institutions


All applications should be submitted on or before October 22, 2021.

Apply now to join the Awakening Coalition:

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