The Awakening Radio program, the most engaging youth governance forum on radio, last yeargot so many citizens talking about the challenges that affect us as a nation. This year, the program is back and better with more citizen participation. In order to catch them young, South Saharan organized seminars for secondary school students to enlighten and encourage them to #GetInvolved in conversations about good governance.

Quality education and good governance are concepts needed to bring about healthy development of a nation. Children are our future and we must awaken their senses to the responsibility of the future and begin to empower them and imbibe in them the right qualities from an early age. The result will be accountable citizens that partake effectively in governance. This inspiring initiative is to prepare the adolescents for leadership. The seminar which was conducted in the five (5) south eastern states of Nigeria was to commemorate the international youth day. The event was also targeted at enlightening the students on how to identify governance issues both in their schools, churches, homes and of course their states and what they can do to solve these issues as youths.

The students shared their views and ideas concerning good governance and proffered solutions to the immediate issues within during a break out session during the seminar. They were excited to be part of Governance. They felt relevant, appreciated as future leaders and were all smiles. They are now more enlightened on the power of unity as a people and also the need to create an open society that can hold us all accountable.

Education is investment in human capital and political education empowers the future of the society and the world at large. Quite often people keep on asking what education can do for them. It is out of share ignorance that such a question could emanate. For the society, it drives economic competitiveness; has synergistic, poverty -reducing effects; contribute to democratization; provides peace and stability.

Tune in to express your opinion on governance on the radio program which comes up every Wednesday on Radio Nigeria Zonal network by 1:30pm. It is an engaging interactive platform where audience air their opinions on the topic of the day or you can get involved via social media platforms.

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