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Terms of Reference for Consultant on
Training of Primary School Teachers On Modern Teaching Strategies

Article 1: Introduction

South Saharan Social Development Organization (SSDO) a registered non-profit organization situated in Enugu whose vision is to see a society where sustainable development is achieved for women, youth and children is seeking the services of a qualified consultant to upgrade and advance her financial system as such train the finance team on the use of the software.

Article 2: Objectives

• To train primary school teachers on modern teaching strategies.

Article 3: Methodology

• The consultant shall submit a detailed concept note of how the assignment will be carried out with proposed fees.

Article 4: Project Scope:

•  Develop the training manual based on the curriculum for the training and review meetings

• Carry out a 3-day training of the teachers on effective curriculum delivery in each of the 3 senatorial zones in Enugu state.

• Detailed report of the training submitted. 

Article 5: Main Task for the Consultant: 

The consultant is expected to carry out the following: 

• Submit a detailed concept note of how the assignment will be carried out with a cost breakdown. Based on the successful evaluation of this concept note undertake: 

• Development of a training plan and manual for the training

• Training primary school teachers on effective curriculum delivery.

Article 6: Deliverables

• A detailed implementation plan covering the duration of the assignment

• A training plan and manual

• An upgraded and advanced financial systems 

• Detailed report of the training.

Article 7: Duration

The consultancy will be completed in 22 working days

• Implementation plan – 1day

• Draft training plan and manual – 3 days

• Review of training plan and manual with SSDO – 1 day

• Final training plan and manual – 2 days

• Training of the teachers and reflection meetings – 9days

• Reflection meetings – 3days

• Detailed report of the training – 3 days

Article 8: Supervision/Coordination

The consultant will work directly with the Programmes team.

Article 9: Remuneration/ Payment modality

a) SSDO will pay consultancy fee for the duration of this assignment.

b) Lump sum payment will be made based on the following:

• Upon signature of the contract: 60%

• Upon submission of final narrative report: 40%

Consultants Competencies and Requirements:

• Technical and academic qualification in Education with emphasis on Teacher Development and Curriculum Development

• Demonstrated extensive experience in the above-mentioned area with relevant contact details

• Good facilitation and computer skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills

• Have a Tax Identification Number.

• Must be available at a short notice.

How to Apply

Applicants should send in their curriculum vitae with a cover letter, reflecting relevant past work experience, including two referees conversant with their work. Women with credible records in any of the identified areas are strongly encouraged to apply.

Submission of EOI: Applications should be mailed to not later than Friday 15th April, 2018. The title of the Interest should be the subject matter.

Please Note: Only successful applicants will be contacted after the deadline for this vacancy.

SOUTH SAHARAN SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.