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Rethinking Education: 

Innovative Approach To Learning

Education is a basic human right and is critical to human development. In 2015, world leaders came together and adopted 17 ambitious goals known as the sustainable development goals (SDGs) with a time-frame of achieving them by 2030. SDG 4 focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning by 2030.

In Nigeria, major interventions have been geared towards increasing access to education at all levels including increasing enrollment rates in schools for girls and yet learning outcome is poor. UN estimates that 125million children are not learning basic skills even though they have spent at least four years in school. Quality education is still an issue that needs to be addressed in Nigeria’s education sector. According to The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), 64.63% of students who sat for the school leaving examination failed in 2015. This can be attributed to poor teaching standards due to the absence of qualified and experienced teachers in schools. This is yet another issue that needs to be addressed as education remains the key to escaping poverty.