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Ola ndi Igbo

In today’s world, development and innovation have become Siamese twins in creating opportunities for a better world. From the ideas that receive funding to the ones that bloom unnoticed because of lack of support, Ola Ndigbo aims to inspire a world of growth, innovation and sustainable development while identifying voices and ideas that will shape the next generation.

With a rising unemployment rate militating against young people, Ola Ndigbo is celebrating accomplished and upcoming personalities who are using innovative solutions to tackle societal challenges while embracing the ideals of sustainable development. 

Today, different kinds of innovations is making life easier for people and breaking former barriers on how things used to be done. From China to Japan, from Germany to America, diverse innovations being pioneered by young people have created millions of jobs and have changed how people live, do business and socialize. Some of the prominent ones include Facebook, Uber, Spandex, Whatsapp and a lot more. 

Most of these ideas, as global and as profitable as they sound, they would not have made much progress if they did not find major support to scale up at some point of their development journey.

In the midst of this new wave of thinking, young people South of the Sahara have not had enough support and publicity on their innovations. It is not that these innovations do not exist but there is no platform that supports, mentors and amplifies the innovations of these young people. In the face of the unemployment that plagues the South East region, it becomes imperative to support these innovations, groom them and make them an export for the global market place in order to create better opportunities. 

In 2017, Ola Ndi Igbo’s theme is 'Revitalizing the Can-do Igbo Spirit: Showcasing Innovations and Inventions from the South East.’