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Since 2010 when it was first celebrated by United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World English Day has been observed on the 23rd of April every year. English Language is a global lingua franca as it is spoken as a first language in many countries of the world and an official language in about 60 countries. As a native language, English is the third most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. 

In Nigeria, English Language is the official language used in schools, doing business and in official interactions. While the language is widely spoken in Nigeria, mother tongue accent often interferes with the overall quality of spoken English in various regions. Speaking and writing correct English is often an issue for students who do not have good teachers and this can affect their overall self-esteem or affect their opportunities as they search for jobs.

In order to bridge this English Language gap, South Saharan Social Development Organization made it one of the four subjects taught on the Radio School programme where curriculum based lessons are aired on radio for JSS2 students in two states in Nigeria- Enugu and Adamawa states. 

This is proven helpful resource for the students who have been participating in Radio School Programme.

The testimonials of these students show how much help the programme has been to them. 

South Saharan through Radio School continues to make impact among JSS2 students and plans to expand the scope of Radio School with collaboration from individuals, organizations and donors like you that are interested in using radio to improve the English language of young people in Nigeria.